Tuesday, January 19, 2016

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Jabardasth is Now Etv Most Valuable Asset,it's getting High TRP rate Among All etv serials.
Now Jabardasth team divided into Jabardasth and Extra Jabardasth.
Jabardasth live telecasts on Every Thursday and Extra Jabardasth On Friday this Regular schedule Of jabardasth khatarnak comedy show.

Jabardasth This comedy show may be controversy i think, they playing joken other people ex; A skit on Dee junior DJ Etv Show Judges on 31st December 2014.

Judges: NagaBabu and Roja.
Host / Anchor: Reshmi (Previous Anasuya now with Mahalaxmi Show)
jabardasth team members names
Jabar dasth team Leaders and Members

  1. Rocket Raghava 
  2. Sudigali Sudheer
  3. dhana Dhan dhanraj
  4. Shaking Seshu
  5. Venu wonders
  6. Adire Abhi
  7. Chammak Chandra
  8. Allari harish
  9. Super srinu
  10. Racha Ravi
  11. Roller Raghu (Not Anymore)
  12. Chalaki Chanti (Chanti eliminated Running as shaking seshu) (now returned.)

Why Resmi replace by Anasuya from 2016 Onwards.

Latest Jabardasth (extra) episode watch here below

Extra jabardasth comedy show playlist youtube

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jabardasth 11th december

Jabardasth comedy show seasons 1 96 videos watch here

Extra jabardasth 19th decembet and jabardasth 18th december Avilable soon.

Note: jabardasth video not uploaded by etv wait for couple of hours or try tomorrow morning.

If you want to see etv live telugu jabardasth online check your luck here.

ETV Jabardasth Comedy Show 18th December 2014 Part 4

ETV Jabardasth Comedy Show 18th December 2014 Part 5
Jabardasth tv show schedules Every Thursday  21:30 Hrs 9.30 PM

Next schedule jabardasth on 25th and 26th extra jabardasth.

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All Best Skits
I think My knew this name by Chammak chandra lady getup Skit. Nowadays every smart phone have jabardasth videos for comedy. Actually i am not yet inserted one of friend prefered.
All time best skits and Individual Performances update soon if People want.