Tuesday, May 24, 2016

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WWE raw results 23/05/2016

Money in the bank qualifying matches

Dean  (winner) Vs Dolph
jericho  (winner) vs Apollo crews
AJ Styles Vs Kevin Owens  (winner)
Cesaro (winner)vs Miz
Sami zayn  (winner) vs sheamus

WWE Monday Night Raw 27/10/2015 1 contender for WWE world heavyweight championship.

Fatal4way match for no 1 contender
  1. Romain Reigns vs Kofi Kingston (Roman reigns winner)
  2. Cesaro vs Kevin Ownes (KO winner)
  3. BIG E vs Dolph Zigler (winner)
  4. Alberto del Rio vs Neville (Rio winner)
Roman reigns vs Kevin Ownes vs Dolph Zigler vs Alberto del Rio

Winner Roman reigns by escaping Powerbomb and hitting superman punch to the Kevin Owens Incredible Moment.
Seth Rollins face looks awesome after he won the match.
27th October 2015 Monday Night raw main event is Fatal4way match.