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WWE Summerslam Seth Rollins vs john cena Undertaker vs Brock Lesnar (review) Match card predictions

WWE Monday night raw, Thursday smack down schedule, results, reviews highlights and other news and comments. pay per view results and reviews.

WWE Summer Slam Results, Predictions, Match Card

  • John Cena vs Seth Rollins (Title for title Winner gets all) world heavyweight Championship and United states Championship. Predictions: John Cena.
  • Undertaker vs Brock Lesnar  Revenge match Prediction: Not sure maybe Undertaker.
  • Romain reigns & Dean Ambrose vs Brey wyatt & luke harper (family vs family)
  • Rusev vs Dolph Zigler  Predictions (Rusev)
  • Sheamus vs Randy Orton,
  • Kevin Owens vs Cesaro
  • Bella Team vs Bad Team

WWE results schedule raw, smackdown

WWE Battleground Seth Rollins vs brock Lesnar

Brock Lesnar can easily beat the Seth Rollins.this very interesting that suspended brock returned with the help HHH not informed to Stephen McMahon (HHH wife and who suspended Brock Lesnar)

Seth Rollins vs Brock Lesnar (WWE heavyweight championship match)
Jhon Cena vs Kevin Owen (united states championship rematch)
Bray Wyatt vs Roman Reigns (Revenge match

WWE payback results/highlights matches 2015

Scheduled on Sunday 7th May2015
  1.  Fatal 4 way match for championship Among Randy, Romain, Dean AmBrose and Seth Champion)  (here is a plan for Seth by Authority especially Kane to continue holding championship by Seth Rollins.)
  2. Jhon Cena VS Rusev Us championship match "IQUITMATCH" This very interesting match We have to see who say "I Quit"  In this Brutal fight. I agree John Cena never say But rusev also some power to beat Jhon Cena.

WWE extreme rules results highlights 2015

  1. John Cena (Champion) Winner vs Rusev (challenger) united states championship us title (Russian chain match)
  2. Randy Orton (challenger) vs Seth Rollins (Champion) Winner for world heavyweight championship
RKO banned and match in steel cage, seth rollins well palyed at this movement (banning RKO).
RKO means randy ortons catching head style. also rko means full name of randy orton, Randal Keith Orton.
  1. Intercontinental championship (bad news Barrett (challenger), vs Daniel Bryan (Champion).
  2. Nikki Bella twins vs Paige for divas championship.

WWE WrestleMania Results 2015

  1. Jhon Cena(W) vs Rusev
  2. Sting vs HHH (Winner) 
  3. Randy Orton (Winner) vs Seth Rollins
  4. Intercontinental championship (dean Amberose,  Dolph.Lukeharper ,GoldDust, bad news Barrett, Daniel Bryan (Winner) , whats up)
  5. Romain reigns vs brock Lesnar vs Seth Rollins (Winner) (Main event)

WWE Fastlane Results highlights

Fastlane scheduled on Sunday 22 nd 2015, matches
  • John Cena vs Rusev (winner) (united states champion No more after this match said by john Cena)  
  • Daniel Bryan vs Roman reigns (winner)
  • HHH vs Sting (face to face anything goes)

WrestleMania 31  Roman reigns vs Brock Lesnar.

date march 29, 2015

WWE Monday February 16th results

Big show vs daniel Bryan (big show won by interfering roman reigns)
Roman reigns vs Kane (roman reigns won)
Seth Rollins vs Dolph Zigler (winner)
New day vs Gold and stardust (losers gold dust tag)
Dean ambrose vs luke harper (loser)
and other teams etc..

  • John Cena took revenge on Rusev by hitting 2 times head WWE entrance wall,
  • Dean Ambrose got contract by Bad News Barret by tieing his hands by rope.
  • Bella twins steal Paige bra before her match and she got another dress looks very pretty at match.
  • Roman reigns and daniel Bryan made the big fight after daniel loses his match due to Roman.

WWE Schedule this week

Tue 17 Feb WWE Smackdown
Sun 22 Feb WWE Fast Lane

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WWE results schedule raw smackdown