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Bigg Boss Season 9- bigg boss 9 contestants name list / promo start date


Host saman khan

bigg boss 9 contestants name list

  1. Mandana Karimi
  2. Mohit Malhotra
  3. Uday Chopra
  4. Gaurav Gera
  5. Mahi Vij
  6. Swetha Prasad
  7. Rahul Yadav
  8. Rashmi Desai
  9. Vj Bani
  10. Sana Saeed
  11. Asha Negi
  12. Radhe Maa

Name: Mandana Karimi
Age:- 27 years (May 19, 1988)
Profession: Actor
Info: Debut movie Bhaag Johnny

Name: Mohit Malhotra
Age:- 29 years (April 4, 1986)
Profession: Actor and model
Info: famous TV Serial Actress Jamai Raja

Name: Uday Chopra
Age:- 42 years (January 5, 1973 )
Profession: Screen Writer, Film Producer, Film Director, Actor

Name: Gaurav Gera
Age:- 41 years (September 23, 1973)
Profession: Comedian, Actor

Name: Mahi Vij
Age:- 33 years (April 1, 1982)
Profession: Actor, Model
Info: Colours TV Serial Actress "Laagi Tujhse Lagan"

Name: Swetha Basu prasad
Age:- 24 years (January 11, 1991)
Profession: Actor

Name: Rahul Yadav
Age: No data
Profession: Businessperson
Info: Ex-CEO of

Rashmi Desai
Age:- 29 Years (August 4, 1986)
Profession: Television Presenter, Dancer, Fashion Model Actor
Info: Uttaran TV Serial Tapasya Role

Vj Bani
Age:- 24 years ( November 29, 1990)
Profession: Actor, Model
Info: Video-Jockey Winner of Roadies Season 4'

Sana Saeed
Age:- 26 years (September 22, 1988)
Profession: Actor, Model
Info: Jhalak Dikhhla Jaa, Nach Baliye Movies

Asha Negi
Age:- 26 Years (August 23, 1989)
Profession: Actor Model
Info: Serial Actress Popular Serials Bade Acche Lagte Hain, Pavitra Rishta

Radhe Maa
Age:- 50 years ( April 41965)
Profession: Spiritual Teacher, Guru
Info: Guru Teaching Blessing Huge Following

Bigg Boss 9- Double Trouble Coming Soon promo

bigg boss 9 official website

"Weekend Ka Vaar: On Saturday, Salman had declared four inmates safe from the double elimination who are, Gautam, Ali, Dimpy and Puneet. The fate of the remaining five inmates Praneet, Pritam, Upen, Diandra and Sonali hangs in balance on a thread. Sonam Kapoor and Arbaaz Khan also join Salman and the inmates on the show today. Watch the episode and see who are eliminated from the Bigg Boss House this week.

Bigg Boss is back again with its new season. Watch the most controversial reality show running in the Indian Television. The perfect bunch of mix masala fights, drama, romance, secrets and many challenges, can be seen in a single house. Watch it on Colors TV channel to stay connected.

bigg boss 8 karishma and gautam fight watch here..

Bigg Boss  8 - Daily updates  Full Episode (HD)

Bigg Boss 8 
schedule 12.00 am - 01.00 am (MON-Fri)

9:00 PM

Big boss 8 daily shows from youtube click here

Big boss 8 live video watch  here

Bigg Boss Season 8 - Finale Ka Twist - 3rd January 2015 - Full Episode (HD)

"Finale Ka Twist: The episode starts with a AV of the Bigg Boss Season 8's journey so far, and after this Captain Salman enters the Bigg Boss stage with a dance performance and is joined by Praneet and Arya. Minnisha and Natasha also join Salman for the dance performance. After the performance is over, Salman welcomes all to the Finale Ka Twist and speaks about the previous seasons, and speaks about the twist. Salman then welcomes the eliminated inmates of the season 8 and speaks to them one by one. Salman then asks the eliminated inmates who would be the likely winner of the Season 8, everyone gives his or her view. Salman then walks into the Bigg Boss House through MeTV and wishes the seven inmates. Salman sees that Sonali is shabbily dressed and even without a mike, and questions her. Salman then wishes the seven inmates for being the finalists and after this small AV's are shown of each finalists. Salman speaks about the finale ka twist and says that there is an elimination today also. Watch the episode to see what the actual Finale Ka Twist is.

Bigg Boss Season 8 - Finale Ka Twist - 3rd January 2015 - Full Episode (HD)

Bigg Boss is back again with its new season. Watch the most controversial reality show running in the Indian Television. The perfect bunch of mix masala fights, drama, romance, secrets and many challenges, can be seen in a single house. Watch it on Colors TV channel to stay connected.

"Bigg Boss Season 8 - Day 101 - 31st December 2014 - Full Episode (HD)

"At 8:00 Pm, Diandra walks into the Bigg Boss House and Bigg Boss asks the inmates to freeze. Diandra then comes and tells Karishma that how she had lied to her regarding nominations. As Diandra is speaking to Upen, Ajaz troubles her and she asks Ajaz to leave. Diandra then speaks to Gautam and suddenly, Bigg Boss announces Gautam's release and Diandra takes him out to the garden area. Going out to the garden area, they both see a table for two ready and they sit down to bear their hearts out. Bigg Boss freezes Gautam and Diandra tells him, a lot about how he is playing, what she feels for him and what is being with Puneet doing to him, and Diandra leaves from the house. Day 101, 8:00 am, the alarm sings and the inmates wake up and start to shake a leg. At 9:30 am, Gautam sits down to discuss with Dimpy about the talk they had the previous day and comments on her being a lawyer, and she also speaking about like a lawyer. Dimpy takes exception to this and argues back with Gautam. The task of Freeze and Release continues today also. Watch the episode and know what happens next.

Bigg Boss is back again with its new season. Watch the most controversial reality show running in the Indian Television. The perfect bunch of mix masala fights, drama, romance, secrets and many challenges, can be seen in a single house. Watch it on Colors TV channel to stay connected.

Bigg Boss Season 8 - Mahasangam - 27th December 2014 - Full Episode(HD)

The Bigg Boss House wakes up to a new day. All the inmates discuss about had happened the previous night, when Sonali was possessed by a spirit and the way she had acted. Later in the washroom, Ali tells Sonali to continue the prank she did the previous night. Upen who is scared by this, discusses with Ali what a spirit is, what a spirit can done and all.

In the kitchen, Karishma tries to talk Sonali to leave all this devil worship and all. After sometime, Ali tells Gautam to sweep the floor who refuses to do so and Ali drags, Puneet into this and asks him to make Gautam understand. Ali then goes to Dimpy and tells her not to poke Gautam in the wrong place, but Dimpy refuses to listen. At 2:15 pm, Puneet and Dimpy are called into the confession room for a lie detector test and are asked to answer, only by a yes or a no.

On the other side, the inmates asked are asked to show placards and decide what they think of the answers given by Dimpy and Puneet, whether they are true or false. After the lie detection test is over, all the inmates discuss the various questions and the answers given for them. That evening, Kapil with his family in tow and an audience which includes Siddhuji also comes into the Bigg Boss House. Bigg Boss then welcomes Kapil and asks him to entertain the audience and the inmates, in the absence of Salman Khan tonite. Watch the mahasangam episode and have loads of fun.

Bigg Boss is back again with its new season. Watch the most controversial reality show running in the Indian Television. The perfect bunch of mix masala fights, drama, romance, secrets and many challenges, can be seen in a single house. Watch it on Colors TV channel to stay connected.
Bigg Boss Season 8 - Weekend Ka Vaar - 14th December 2014 - Full Episode (HD)

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watch telugu news online live streaming Tv9, V6, NTV, ABN, ETV Telangana, Andhra Pradesh

watch Telugu news online Watch your favorites Telugu Online TV Channels from India free Telugu tv channel ... live, zee Telugu tv channel online Select live streaming TV,

ABNABN stands for Amoda Broadcasting Network, started from 2009 got popular by sex rocket scene of the governor or one government official.

TNews mainly telecast news of only Telangana and it's slogan "Telangana Gunde Chappudu"  as in the English heat of pulse of Telangana state.
Tv9 News: I think it's famous and biggest news channel Appears in Telugu, Kannada, Malayalam and other states in India. also broadcasts on united states. Founder of this tv9 and CEO Ravi Prakash who worked with ETV.
Etv News: It's now separated for both states Telangana and Andhra Pradesh. it's telecasts on all other states in India. it's also largest newspaper which is centralised from Hyderabad.

  • ABN Andhra Jyothi - 24 Hrs News channel from Andhra Jyothi News paper.
  • Gemini News - 24Hrs News Channel from Sun Network.
  • NTV - 24Hrs News and current affairs channel.
  • TV5 - 24Hrs News and current affairs channel.
  • TV9 - 24Hrs News Channel from ABCL.
  • Sakshi TV - 24Hrs News Channel from Sakshi NewsPaper.
  • HMTV - 24Hrs News Channel from Hyderabad Media House.
  • T News - 24 Hrs News Channel from Telangana Broadcasting Company Network.
  • 10TV - 24 Hrs News and current affairs Channel.
  • V6 News - 24 Hrs News Channel from Visaka Group - Telangana Exclusive
  • TNN - 24 Hrs News Channel from Telangana News Network.
  • YTV - News Channel from Yelamanchili TV Pvt Ltd.

Which IS best Telugu news channel in Telangna?

  1. I prefer v6 because of Teenmaar News.
  2. 6tv and TNews I don't' know.
ABN and TV9 may be popular on Andhra Pradesh. TV9 all time popular.

Below are some new channels you can watch live here from youtube.

I created for people who are looking for watch all Telugu news at one place like me. you can click on and play which channel you like also suggest me to add more channels.

V6 Teenmar News; Daily at 9.30PM 
  1. NTV
  3. ETV Andhra Pradesh NEWS
  4. TV9 live
  5. TV5
  6.  Studio N
  7. 10tv
  8. ABN
  9. 6TV Telugu
  10. 6TV Andhra Pradesh
  11. 6tv telangana live
  12. V6 live
  13. T NEWS live
  14. Zee news Telugu
  15. hmtv
  16. I news
  17. Maha News
  18. Raj News
  19. CVR news
  20. express tv news live
  21. 99 telugu
  1. Bhakti tv online
  2. Vanitha Tv online
  3. CVR health TV
  4. Rajya Sabha TV | RSTV Live
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WWE Summerslam Seth Rollins vs john cena Undertaker vs Brock Lesnar (review) Match card predictions

WWE Monday night raw, Thursday smack down schedule, results, reviews highlights and other news and comments. pay per view results and reviews.

WWE Summer Slam Results, Predictions, Match Card

  • John Cena vs Seth Rollins (Title for title Winner gets all) world heavyweight Championship and United states Championship. Predictions: John Cena.
  • Undertaker vs Brock Lesnar  Revenge match Prediction: Not sure maybe Undertaker.
  • Romain reigns & Dean Ambrose vs Brey wyatt & luke harper (family vs family)
  • Rusev vs Dolph Zigler  Predictions (Rusev)
  • Sheamus vs Randy Orton,
  • Kevin Owens vs Cesaro
  • Bella Team vs Bad Team

WWE results schedule raw, smackdown

WWE Battleground Seth Rollins vs brock Lesnar

Brock Lesnar can easily beat the Seth Rollins.this very interesting that suspended brock returned with the help HHH not informed to Stephen McMahon (HHH wife and who suspended Brock Lesnar)

Seth Rollins vs Brock Lesnar (WWE heavyweight championship match)
Jhon Cena vs Kevin Owen (united states championship rematch)
Bray Wyatt vs Roman Reigns (Revenge match

WWE payback results/highlights matches 2015

Scheduled on Sunday 7th May2015
  1.  Fatal 4 way match for championship Among Randy, Romain, Dean AmBrose and Seth Champion)  (here is a plan for Seth by Authority especially Kane to continue holding championship by Seth Rollins.)
  2. Jhon Cena VS Rusev Us championship match "IQUITMATCH" This very interesting match We have to see who say "I Quit"  In this Brutal fight. I agree John Cena never say But rusev also some power to beat Jhon Cena.

WWE extreme rules results highlights 2015

  1. John Cena (Champion) Winner vs Rusev (challenger) united states championship us title (Russian chain match)
  2. Randy Orton (challenger) vs Seth Rollins (Champion) Winner for world heavyweight championship
RKO banned and match in steel cage, seth rollins well palyed at this movement (banning RKO).
RKO means randy ortons catching head style. also rko means full name of randy orton, Randal Keith Orton.
  1. Intercontinental championship (bad news Barrett (challenger), vs Daniel Bryan (Champion).
  2. Nikki Bella twins vs Paige for divas championship.

WWE WrestleMania Results 2015

  1. Jhon Cena(W) vs Rusev
  2. Sting vs HHH (Winner) 
  3. Randy Orton (Winner) vs Seth Rollins
  4. Intercontinental championship (dean Amberose,  Dolph.Lukeharper ,GoldDust, bad news Barrett, Daniel Bryan (Winner) , whats up)
  5. Romain reigns vs brock Lesnar vs Seth Rollins (Winner) (Main event)

WWE Fastlane Results highlights

Fastlane scheduled on Sunday 22 nd 2015, matches
  • John Cena vs Rusev (winner) (united states champion No more after this match said by john Cena)  
  • Daniel Bryan vs Roman reigns (winner)
  • HHH vs Sting (face to face anything goes)

WrestleMania 31  Roman reigns vs Brock Lesnar.

date march 29, 2015

WWE Monday February 16th results

Big show vs daniel Bryan (big show won by interfering roman reigns)
Roman reigns vs Kane (roman reigns won)
Seth Rollins vs Dolph Zigler (winner)
New day vs Gold and stardust (losers gold dust tag)
Dean ambrose vs luke harper (loser)
and other teams etc..

  • John Cena took revenge on Rusev by hitting 2 times head WWE entrance wall,
  • Dean Ambrose got contract by Bad News Barret by tieing his hands by rope.
  • Bella twins steal Paige bra before her match and she got another dress looks very pretty at match.
  • Roman reigns and daniel Bryan made the big fight after daniel loses his match due to Roman.

WWE Schedule this week

Tue 17 Feb WWE Smackdown
Sun 22 Feb WWE Fast Lane

In India you can watch on ten sports tv or its website. visit ten sports click on live matches and select WWE.

Monday night raw already completed on US Monday, but India sports channel offering  Tuesday 4PM Tuesday 17th February.

you can sign up for WWE pay for view, February free for new subscribers you can watch including FastLane. visit

WWE results schedule raw smackdown

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Konchem Touchlo Vunte Chepta All tv shows Saturday

konchem touchlo vunte chepta tv show, konchem touch lo unte chepta in zee telugu
To make this festive season more special, Zee Telugu is gearing up with back to back launches of two new shows.
The first to come is a celebrity talk show ‘Konchem Touchlo Unte Chepta’ with Star anchor Pradeep in the host seat. This show will bring famous Tollywood celebrities and make them talk frankly about their personal life, and share their sweet memories which were never shared on any platform. Along with this the host also reveals certain unknown truths and funny embarrassing moments of the celebrities.
The guest list includes Tollywood leading lady Kajal Agarwal in the first episode followed by leading stars Naga Chaitanya, Nani, Allari Naresh, Colours Swathi and so on in subsequent weeks. ‘Kochem Touch Lo Unte Chepta’  weekly show  Saturday’s @ 8:30 pm.
Show Time : Sat 8:30 PM
konchem touchlo vunte chepta episode 1


koncham touch lo unte chepthanu shriya

KTVC with charmi- Episode 13 - December 27, 2014 watch here..

Konchem Touchlo Vunte Chepta - - January 24 regina
Konchem Touchlo Vunte Chepta - Episode 15 Navadeep
Konchem Touchlo Vunte Chepta - Episode 21 - January 31, 2015 Rajashekar

Konchem Touchlo Vunte Chepta - Episode 20 - February 14, 2015 suma

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meelo evaru koteeswarudu mek watch latest episode online here..

meelo evaru koteeswarudu online watch mek season 2.

MEK Season 2 : Prashna Madi Bangaram Meedi

mek season 2 here.

How to register Nagarjuna mek season 3, 2?

Meelo Evaru Koteeswarudu Season 2 - Episode 19 : Pooja Hegde Special
MEK 2 - Celebrities Specials mek

meelo evaru koteeswarudu mek (previous). with pooja hegde.

1. what's called Aeroplane take of and landing Area? (1000 Rupees)
  1. expressway
  2. Gateway
  3. Highway
  4. Run way (correct Answer).
2. Which movie Acted by Hrithik Roshan, Shahrukh Khan and Amitabh bachchan? (3000 Rupees)

  1. Kabhi Khushi Kabhi Gum (Right Answer)
  2. Koi Mil gaya
  3. Kal ho na ho
  4. Zindagi na Mile Dobara.
3. which of these countries uses as primary currency? (5000 Rupees)

  1. uzbekistan
  2. united Arab emirates
  3. united kingdom UK
  4. united states US (Correct Answer)
4. Identify the movie in which this songs (Yaara tere sadke ishq sikha main toh
Aayi jug taj ke ishq sikha
Main toh yaara tere sadke ishq sikha main toh
Aayi jug taj ke ishq sikha
Jab yaar kare parwah meri
Mujhe kya parwah iss duniya ki
Jug mujhpe lagaya pawandi
Main hoon hi nahi iss duniya ki
 Audio clip) Appeared? (10,000)

  • Race
  • Cock tail (correct)
  • Happy ending
  • Love Aaj Kal
5. Mohenjo-daro, one key sites of indus valley civilization located in which country? (20,000/- question)

  • Pakistan (correct)
  • India
  • Afghanistan
  • Nepal

Meelo Evaru Koteeswarudu Season 2 - Episode 18 : Samantha Special,

Rakul Preet, nitin, varun tej.

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brahmanandam comedy scenes in youtube telugu watch online free

watch brahmanandam comedy scenes free  from youtube and you can  download as mp4 if anyone provides on the internet although you can download it by from youtube also if you have idm.

  1. Brahmanandam Kanneganti, is an Indian film actor and comedian. Hailing from Sattenapalli in Andhra Pradesh, he mostly acts in Telugu films. Prior to films, he was a Telugu lecturer in Attili, a town in West Godavari district of Andhra Pradesh. also had guinness record for most acting movies as living person.
  2. Born: February 1, 1956 (age 58), Sattenapalle
  3. Height: 1.62 m
  4. Spouse: Lakshmi Kanneganti
  5. Children: Raja Goutham Kanneganti, Sid Kanneganti
  6. Upcoming movie: Welcome Back.
Best comedy scenes of brahmanandam;
Brahmanandam acted in nearly 1000 films as Loukyam being the 997th one.
  • RaceGurram
  • Dookudu
  • Ready
  • Kick
  • Adurs
  • badshah
  • Krishna
  • Attarintiki daredi ( Ahalya skit samantha, pawan kalyan and 300 hundred skit on asckar awards)
  • Dhee (manchu vishnu, genelia, srihari)
  • geethanjali as dayyala doctor.
  • Loukyam (gopichand, rakul preeth singh)best scenes latest
  • Ragada
  • Don seenu
  • Aagadu
  • jalsa
  • yamadonga
  • yamaleela
  • yamaleela 2
Ravi teja and Brahmanandam comedy scenes are very funny. you can find it on Don Seenu, krishna, kick, and other

brahmanandam comedy scenes in youtube, brahmanandam comedy scenes in hindi dubbed.

jabardasth comedy show
brahmanandam comedy morphed photos.

brahmanandam comedy scenes in king

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Read telugu news paper online live

 Adilabad, Hyderabad, Karimnagar ,Khammam, Mahboobnagar, Main Edition, Medak, Nalgonda, Nizamabad, Rangareddy,Warangal.

Andhra Pradesh 
 East Godavari, West Godavari, Krishna, Guntur, Prakasam, Sri Potti Sriramulu Nellore, Srikakulam, Vizianagaram, and Visakhapatnam. Rayalaseema comprises the 4 districts namely, Kurnool, Chittoor, YSR Kadapa and Anantapur.

yesterday eenadu news paper in telugu, All districts include
 Read telugu news paper online old editions.

For eenadu only last 7 days old papers Available online. if you want to read more than 7 days old paper try to search online news Articles using google. they may also appears for 30 days only .

Eenadu new paper: Which is running services from 1975 it's publishes daily news on and flash news on and it also other sites like which provides information about latest govtjobs, interviews , results syllabus and model papers. eenadu news daily prints at panjagutta hyderabad at eenadu office largest networks in india ranked 6 among regional news paper channels.

  1. Read All telugu News papers from newshunt
  2. eenadu news e paper
  3. Namaste telangana
  4. vaartha epaper
  5. Andhra Jyothi
  6. Google News telugu (recommended)
  7. eenadu news flash

You can get flash news main news from international, national, regional news from news google news, and news hunt also on eenadu news paper,

Google news: google pulls information from other news websites like webdunia and other which are write news only in telugu, but it's information as
International,national, local language, also you can find most viewed and trending news on right side of the bar.

NewsHunt: It's an mobile App Available in Android, Ios, windows store. now All indian people who have smartphone definitely read news from this app. because of their users experience is better its also earns money from google adss which display on above and near the app while we are reading new on newshunt.

namaste telangana epaper Available in adilabad,  ranga reddy, khammam, hyderbad, nalgonda, warangal, mahaboobnagar, karimnagr and other disirtics of telangana total 10 districs.

how to access previous news papers:
for etv you can get past 7 days news papers online. and sakshi you can get all the previous bews by changing the date format in url

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