Tuesday, September 15, 2015

watch telugu news online live streaming Tv9, V6, NTV, ABN, ETV Telangana, Andhra Pradesh

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ABNABN stands for Amoda Broadcasting Network, started from 2009 got popular by sex rocket scene of the governor or one government official.

TNews mainly telecast news of only Telangana and it's slogan "Telangana Gunde Chappudu"  as in the English heat of pulse of Telangana state.
Tv9 News: I think it's famous and biggest news channel Appears in Telugu, Kannada, Malayalam and other states in India. also broadcasts on united states. Founder of this tv9 and CEO Ravi Prakash who worked with ETV.
Etv News: It's now separated for both states Telangana and Andhra Pradesh. it's telecasts on all other states in India. it's also largest newspaper which is centralised from Hyderabad.

  • ABN Andhra Jyothi - 24 Hrs News channel from Andhra Jyothi News paper.
  • Gemini News - 24Hrs News Channel from Sun Network.
  • NTV - 24Hrs News and current affairs channel.
  • TV5 - 24Hrs News and current affairs channel.
  • TV9 - 24Hrs News Channel from ABCL.
  • Sakshi TV - 24Hrs News Channel from Sakshi NewsPaper.
  • HMTV - 24Hrs News Channel from Hyderabad Media House.
  • T News - 24 Hrs News Channel from Telangana Broadcasting Company Network.
  • 10TV - 24 Hrs News and current affairs Channel.
  • V6 News - 24 Hrs News Channel from Visaka Group - Telangana Exclusive
  • TNN - 24 Hrs News Channel from Telangana News Network.
  • YTV - News Channel from Yelamanchili TV Pvt Ltd.

Which IS best Telugu news channel in Telangna?

  1. I prefer v6 because of Teenmaar News.
  2. 6tv and TNews I don't' know.
ABN and TV9 may be popular on Andhra Pradesh. TV9 all time popular.

Below are some new channels you can watch live here from youtube.

I created for people who are looking for watch all Telugu news at one place like me. you can click on and play which channel you like also suggest me to add more channels.

V6 Teenmar News; Daily at 9.30PM 
  1. NTV
  3. ETV Andhra Pradesh NEWS
  4. TV9 live
  5. TV5
  6.  Studio N
  7. 10tv
  8. ABN
  9. 6TV Telugu
  10. 6TV Andhra Pradesh
  11. 6tv telangana live
  12. V6 live
  13. T NEWS live
  14. Zee news Telugu
  15. hmtv
  16. I news
  17. Maha News
  18. Raj News
  19. CVR news
  20. express tv news live
  21. 99 telugu
  1. Bhakti tv online
  2. Vanitha Tv online
  3. CVR health TV
  4. Rajya Sabha TV | RSTV Live