Friday, January 20, 2012

copyright infrigment

In order to tackle those unscrupulous souls who upload copyrighted videos into the website without the permission from the original author, YouTube has a policy in place, according to which all copyrighted video clips uploaded into the website violate these copyright regulations, will be removed from the site whenever found out. YouTube will often remove any content that has been uploaded that violate these copyright regulations. However, people do get around even these measures and thus much content is still being uploaded.

The basic problem YouTube encounters is that there is no way for YouTube to learn about copyright infringements unless the holder of the copyright reports such infringements to the company. YouTube sometimes relies on inputs from community members - self policing - as well. But there have been only limited success so far. The other way is to find videos using similar/associated search terms. But of late, people have discovered ways to circumvent this possibility of being found out by using random text as video file names while uploading. For example, uploaders are using a simple ruse by deliberately making spelling mistakes when searching for names of bands on different MP3 file-sharing networks.

As a precautionary measure to stem this menace, YouTube had allowed its members to report other members and to flag any content whose nature was doubtful. However, as with all good things, even this feature became open to abuse and thus many members even went to the extent of flagging original works of other members in flagrant violation of the meaning of copyright infringement.

However, YouTube now take remedial steps very fast and thus copyright infringements are no longer a part of its list of objectionable offenses that members may use to flag such infractions.